What is Club 500 ?

Club 500 refers to the Club 500 Fast Electric Boat !

For several years now, the Sheffield Ship Model Society has been trying to promote Fast Electric model boat racing and with the advent of the Club 500 Boat, we seem to have a model which performs adequately for both beginners and experts.  It is a one design class, by Laurie White of Model Slipway at Stairfoot near Barnsley, originally at the request of the Conisborough and District Modellers Association.  However, the design has taken off and is fast becoming a popular racing class throughout the country.  Southend have over thirty examples in their club, where they are regularly raced over an “M” shaped course.  Our own club currently has about half a dozen and we race them on specific club scheduled dates, but our regattas are open to all comers. If you have a Club 500 model, and wish to race against others, why not come along and have ago. You can’t win if you don’t enter.
Whilst not having the outright speed of some of the latest designs of fast electric models (current speed record is over 70 miles per hour using a modified 540 hot motor), they are still quick enough for a beginner, especially as we only have a 50 yard square in which to manoeuvre.
Cost of the kit is currently just under £50 and includes everything except radio gear and power packs.   It is usual to have several power packs, just as with model car racing, so spent cells can be recharged whilst others are in use.